Submissions are always welcomed. The deadline for submissions for consideration for the next issue is June 1, 2021.

There are no restrictions as to subject matter or content (the right not to accept a contribution is reserved, mind you.)

Each contribution must have an accompanying paragraph detailing the significance of the time and place you were in when the piece was inspired, created, formed, birthed, or otherwise captured, along with a brief biography.

If you really want to get an idea of what Time and Place is about please review previous issues here.

Copyright remains with the artist or writer.

Please send your submissions to

Please submit only one item for consideration. Multiple submissions will not be considered.

Contribution guidelines:

Writing: Words of any type (prose, poetry, lyrics, fiction, non-fiction) no more than 1000 (anything over will not be considered).

Art: Acceptable formats are PC compatible (.tif, hi-res .jpg, .pdf., 300 dpi.)

Photography: Colour, Black and White (.tif, hi-res .jpg, .pdf., 300 dpi.)

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